North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory toured the Port of Wilmington last week and spoke about the promising future of the NC Ports System.  McCrory met with USA InvestCo and Port of Wilmington Cold Storage principals Charles Schoninger and Chuck McCarthy.  He also visited the sites of the future wood pellet and cold storage facilities.

“The future is bright,” he said, adding that the state will focus on improving the infrastructure for its two ports, and will continue to seek niche products through which the North Carolina ports can compete effectively with other southeastern U.S. ports, notably those at Charleston and Savannah.

“North Carolina exported nearly $4 billion worth of agricultural products in 2012,” N.C. agriculture commissioner Steve Troxler said in a Dec. 16 release from the governor’s office. “Upgrades to the port at Wilmington will help our farmers and agribusinesses boost that number even higher. The cold storage facility is a vital piece of infrastructure that our producers have needed for a long time, and I’m happy that a public-private partnership will be able to make it a reality.”

Here is a video of Governor McCrory speaking to the crowd at the Port of Wilmington:



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