Construction Progress Aerials

Riverwalk Lights Installed

The Riverwalk kick lights and light poles are installed.  Our crew turned them on for the first time last night.  

Riverwalk Construction Progress Photos

Concrete being poured for Riverwalk

The construction crew is installing the concrete walkway for the Riverwalk. Today the crews poured and finished 60 +/- yards of concrete.  This portion of sidewalk is proposed for a completion date of late September.

Riverwalk Framing Installation

Construction crews are hard at work installing the framing for the Riverwalk walkway.  They will begin pouring concrete in the next couple of days.  

Port City Daily Article on Riverwalk Projects

A new Port City Daily article discusses the Riverwalk extension project alongside the Port City Marina. "In one project to begin this month, at a cost of $5.53 million, the city will build a concrete walkway to run along a private marina in development just north of the Wilmington Convention Center, where the Riverwalk currently [...]

Construction Aerials – August 2013

Construction Update – Riverwalk

The NRMH construction crews have now installed the Riverwalk railings. Keep up the good work team!

Construction Progress

Riverwalk Construction Progress

Construction Crews are hard at work on the Riverwalk Extension across the Northern Riverfront. They have nearly finished laying the utilities, and are working on installing the railing systems.  They are also grading the Riverwalk areas in preparation for pouring concrete.