Video – Northern Riverfront Marina & Hotel Construction

July Construction Aerials

Construction on Fixed Pier

Crews have started patching the existing holes and testing finishes on the concrete pier.

March Construction Aerials

NRMH EB-5 Construction Progress

We are making exceptional progress on the Riverwalk construction.  The concrete walkway and railings are nearly complete, the light poles and flag poles are up, and the benches are in place.  Thanks to everyone who has worked hard to get us this far.  

Riverwalk Construction Progress Photos

Construction Aerials – August 2013

Construction Update – Riverwalk

The NRMH construction crews have now installed the Riverwalk railings. Keep up the good work team!

Port City Marina Construction Progress

NRMH Construction Update

The construction crews have made signifigant progress on the Northern Riverfront Marina & Hotel project. They have completed the marina basin and are screening and grading dirt across the site. The team is currently building a concrete cap across the entire marina bulkhead. Next, they will begin work on extending Wilmington's public riverwalk through the [...]